Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Two Minute Tuesdays: Cadence is Critical

Growing up your track coaches most likely once said "pump your arms and stride out, stride out" when they wanted you to pick up the pace or go faster. Well it turns out they told you wrong folks. Pumping your arms just wastes energy with no benefit attached. Striding out? Well that'll probably leave you with an overuse injury or better yet, off your feet unable to make it to your starting line. No one wants to be sidelined or inefficient so that's where cadence becomes critical.

This week's two minute run technique video highlights the importance of cadence so that your utilizing maximum muscle elasticity and ground reaction force. There s no need for your muscles to be contracting the way they have been when you get tired! Pick those feet up. Be efficient.

Get that metronome folks. Just about as great of an investment as a lacrosse ball. Big thank you to Athlete Nahuel who debuts on the Less Miles blog tonight. This dude knows how to keep his cadence up! We'll keep you posted on his huge 5K race coming up on the fourth of July.

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