Sunday, November 18, 2012

Book Review: Power Speed ENDURANCE

I couldn't have been more pumped when I found Power Speed Endurance in my mailbox last week. I've quickly read thru the book front to back and would recommend it to all Endurance athletes, coaches and those in the Endurance community. Its for someone who is open to new perspective. In the past, I've struggled with Triathlon Training or Marathon Training type books because they sometimes take it over the top, get too wordy and are boring. One example of a book of that sort was the "Triathletes Bible" (I think there's like 20 editions now or something) Anyways, I found myself quite overwhelmed. Power Speed Endurance is a heck of a lot different. In a good way.

Power Speed Endurance not only takes a completely different approach on Endurance training, but the books lays it out where it should flat out make sense to the every triathlete. The book is backed up by science and focuses on strength and conditioning as and the skill within the sports. CrossFit Endurance is sometimes quite difficult to explain to the typical LSD Endurance athlete, but this book simplifies it.The book is setup focusing on all sections of SKILL which include running, cycling, swimming, strength and conditioning and mobility. The mobility section is gold. I think it will blow the minds of people who aren't currently using bands, lacrosse balls or PVC rollers. Most athletes.

In the Endurance community skill is often overlooked so I was pumped to see that it was the heart of the focus in this book! The end of book breaks down valuable nutrition protocols and then finishes with the implementation of CrossFit Endurance training. So what did I like most?

Obviously I am into this stuff. I knew most of the material before reading. I mean this is the way I train, teach and program, but this book is now my number one go to resource. What I like most is now I have a tangible resource for training. I've gathered new ideas for team workouts and for my personal triathlon training. I didn't have a huge knowledge of swim technique, but Chris Michelmore's description in the book helps a ton. How can you argue with a book that within each section has an expert leading the discussion? This is a MUST for any Endurance coach because the case studies will help reinforce target training with your athletes.

That said, it's time for you to pull the trigger on a purchase. The pictures, descriptions of skill, drills, workouts and information provided is absolutely invaluable. You'll learn a lot and understand why this method of training truly works. If these posts regarding my training and all the Team Less Miles More CrossFit  PRs aren't enough to convince you then this book will do the trick!

Like anything in life it's all about TESTING. If you've been debating taking the plunge, now you've got no excuses, Power Speed Endurance is on the market ... GO TEST!!

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