Thursday, August 22, 2013

Quantity Perception

Often times we measure our training by the amount that we did. We do this in our regular lives as well. The more time we spend doing something the better we'll get. The more money we have the happier we'll be. We're breed to believe this. That's why training is tough. That's why life is difficult. Its a perception. And its quite powerful.

I write this post because I've been thinking a lot about this topic as of late. As an athlete, coach and person, I constantly question am I doing enough? Am I getting happier the more I do? Again this is why training is tough. This is why life can be difficult. In my 3 1/2 years of CrossFit training and coaching I've discovered so many things. The one thing I've learned is that this question will always remain. It will stand strong in the mind of the hardest working athletes and people in this world. You'll always hear it from them. You'll see it take place in your box. Most of the time you'll be unable to do anything about it. It will hurt. It will be hard to let go. At the end of the day, these athletes and people you see will have to overcome this perception in their time. It takes time. Grasping and understanding this will only do one good.

There's only so much time. Time to train. Time to sleep. Moments to eat. Memories to make. The amount of time actually never changes. Its how you use it that does. Twenty-four hours at your disposal. Disposal decided by you and only you. Please understand these last two points. We can't do the same thing day after day expecting the same results. Your body will get complacent. Second of all,  perception is not your fault, but ignoring it always will be. It's your job to find the quality in your training, but more importantly your life.

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