Saturday, November 24, 2012

Goals: They're your ETA. Get Going.

I don't know many Endurance athletes who don't have goals. I've been even trying to fathom how you even go about training for an Endurance event without them? In my opinion nearly impossible. Goals are dreams with deadlines. More than that they're your ETA.

Signing up for a race counts. Completing an interval run and holding 2-3sec splits is a goal. The nutrition plan, yup that's one too. Especially when you list it our for every mile. All the way down to the setting of the alarm clock for 4am the night before the big day is a tangible goal. The goal being it goes off in time :)

Personally, I look at goals as my ETA - estimated time of arrival...

A. the result or achievement toward which EFFORT is directed; aim. Every goal takes effort. Whether its shitty or consistent there's some sort of effort directed at the intention. The degree of your effort demonstrates the positive or negative results of the day. Not to it's entirety, but probably close to the 98% achievement threshold. Endurance events require effort in training, nutrition, and in being honest with yourself. The stronger the effort the faster you get to that goal. 

B. the TERMINAL point in a race. Crossing the finish line determines the success of the goal. With any goal we set there has to be some sort of measure-ability. For some, just finishing a half marathon is the terminal point, for others getting under a 4-hour marathon is the mark. Terminal means "the deciding" point. This point decides if you've arrived at your goal or your back to the training schedule.

 C.the ACT of throwing, carrying, kicking, driving, etc., a ball or puck into such an area or object. I am almost positive that for the very best of goals that I've achieved I was kicking and driving to meet that mark. If you want something as bad as you want to breathe you will be successful. Goals require ACTION. They require sacrifice. The more you're willing to sacrifice the quicker you'll arrive.

Goals are your ETA. Greater the Effort along with Terminal feedback and your amount of action determine how quickly you'll reach your goals. Get going... 

Run Education Sidebar
Ever wonder what to tell people about Running Mechanics? Could you answer someone off the street if they asked you how to run? For the most part every other movement is treated as a skill. Why not running too people? 

Most Recent Race Experience

Oh the Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving tradition. Last year I was unable to race due to a stress fracture, but this year coming off Ironman I am feeling closer and closer to full potential. Not only is running the Turkey Trot Tradition, but so is finishing in 2nd Overall! This year was quite unique because I lost this race by literally 1second. Yes 1second photo finish kind of stuff. Unreal. 

Race: Hilton Head Island Turkey Trot 
Day: 11.22.2012 8am Start 
Time: 36:29 (Pace 5:55) 
1st Overall: 36:28

I am taking this one and learning from it because as a CFE athlete I shouldn't lose by a second. The fact of the matter is the 22year old Bates College (in Maine) Runner had me on this day. The HHI Turkey Trot finishes with all the 5K runners and there also happens to be a hard right into the finish line (about 150m to the line). I should have gotten on the inside edge  or even surged earlier. The legs just didn't seem to have it. All and all though who can be ungrateful for a 2nd overall finish? and to be healthy? Not this guy. 

Best race experience - had to be seeing one of my Hilton Head Health guys I have been training complete his first 5K running the whole entire way. I've been pushing Michael hard the last 4weeks and I truly think he's surprised himself with how much he's been able to do and how quickly he's improved. Straight up CrossFit style training coupled with a bunch of Fitness Classes and healthy eating this guy ended up finishing under 40minutes too!! Goes back to the ETA. Michaels effort and actions led to the terminal result on Thanksgiving Day.

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