Sunday, June 2, 2013

The SD Wall Begins

Yesterday evening, my girlfriend and I took a trip to Home Depot and scored the coolest paint ever, chalk board paint. Did you even knew that it existed? Ya I'm not kidding, paint a wall and a chalk board is formed. Lindsay has been pretty obsessed with getting some for a while so we finally pulled the trigger. I've been wanting to do some self development quick video with a CrossFit spin for a while and it seems the chalk board paints going to come up clutch because as of this morning the SD Wall is born. Our goal at CFHH and of the less miles blog is to provide perspective for athletes and coaches everywhere in doing so we all become awesomer. 

This weekend and along with the next few we'll be discussing the importance of defining a vision for not only your training, but your life. Too often folks speed thru this world without giving it a second thought. At the end of this three part series, my hope is to motivate each of you to create a compelling vision of who you want to be and why that's important. Realistic and inspiring plans will provide the framework for you to improve your health, training, and life...

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