Monday, June 17, 2013

I CAN 2013

This past weekend we wrapped up the 2nd Annual I CAN GAMES (Results Here). It was busy, but a blast to have another opportunity to host on our hometown island. We had many of our own athletes compete on both Saturday and Sunday. They all performed quite well and represented fittingly for CrossFit Hilton Head. It's always tough when your not the one out their competing, but sometimes its needed to sit back. Sitting back allows you the opportunity to peer in on others goals without losing site of your own. When you're racing or competing it's difficult to really see what's going on, you miss things.

Becoming a volunteer or a spectator is a different opportunity. I feel as though its an opportunity to be inspired by a bunch of different people with different goals, but people with similar intentions. Typically to be better. Our Owners Craig and Dayna inspired me the most these past two days. They literally put their hearts and soles into this event and like every other event they organize it was phenomenal. I continually take notice in their hard work, the countless hours of sleep that they miss and the sacrifices they make for our athletes day in and day out. A lot of things inspired me this past weekend ...
  • the Beginners for stepping up to compete for the first time
  • RX males and females for being on straight up beast mode in every event
  • Judges for calling NO REP when it was appropriate 
  • Volunteers for their many hours in the sun
  • Aram and Robin for running the "Box Grill" hours on end goal being to keep folks nutritionally optimal - inspiring paleo cookies no lie
  • the Teams for their endless positive support of one another 
  • J. Mayoh for crushing camera duty as usual 
  • All the many CFHH athletes who I know took it to a new level entering a new division or tackling weights they thought might just be too heavy in the WODs 
Great stuff this past weekend, feel free to check out the highlights... 

Lindsay and Karla banging out Burpees! 

Mike and Merrick flexing their Skills and Strength!

Ashley getting underneath quick!

Jason T handling #225 on the clean like it was nothing!

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