Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Race Recap: Charleston Sprint #4 - Adjustments

Squeezing one more post in for July! As I've mention in a couple posts ago, racing for workouts is huge. Charleston was another planned "workout" race following Muncie and I couldn't be more pumped about the result or how I felt out there last Sunday. Recovery has been absolutely fantastic since Muncie Half IM, not something a triathlete can always say. I believe changes in my nutrition and programming have impacted things immensely. That said here are some quick suggestions on when/how to switch things up in training...

  • Personal records and benchmarks aren't improving (in races, on your lifts or in conditioning) 
  • You feel fatigued, beat up and tired headed into workouts or races 
  • Work life increases and amount of sleep decreases
  • Epic GI issues happen in a race 
  • ONE adjustment at a time. Let me say it again one adjustment at a time. If you try to change more than one variable at once you'll be testing too much at once. We need to understand what one adjustment does to the system. If it's positive continue. If its negative move on. Adjust something else. Make sure to give everything a fair shot. 
  • FATIGUE is a sign that you're under recovering. Don't be a super hero and muster thru your workouts half assed. A training regiment in my mind, (it took a while to get here) has to do with the QUALITY of your workouts verses the quantity. 
  • When I start with a remote coaching athlete or a personal training client the first thing I want to know is what they do for a living. Being on your feet all day verses a desk job is a significant difference. How can you provide a proper prescription for someone else or YOURSELF if you don't take into account what you do 8-10hours on a typical day?  The amount of sleep is the next biggest factor because that' the second biggest chunk of time in an athlete's day. Some can folks can operate on 6 hours, but others may need closer to 8hour mark. As these factors change you need to make on the fly adjustments to your training. Don't ever feel like you "HAVE" to do a workout. Resting heart rate and oxygen saturation levels are two others ways to monitor things.
  • Train all you want, but if the nutrition isn't right on race day or throughout your program you're screwed. Going hung over into a workout won't get you anywhere nor will being hungry. I've made the most adjustments in my nutrition over the last 3months and have seen big differences not only day to day, but IN RACE. Charleston included the same breakfast as Muncie and same protocol in race. The biggest recommendation on the nutrition that I can make for you is look at the TIMING of when you're eating.
Race: Charleston Sprint #4
Place: James Island, Charleston, SC 
Date: 730AM, Sunday 7 - 28 - 13  
Distance: SPRINT Triathlon
Participants: 195

Best Race Highlights - Two for this one! First off, having Lindsay's support again. It's so cool having her come and watch. I'm passionate and will show up to any race solo, but what's interesting is that every race she comes to I PR in one way or another. She'll def be at Cozumel come December.

The second best race highlight,  Knowing that I ran a 10K tempo run the day before and then PR'd my run off the bike (on the Charleston Race course) good enough to beat the whole field by 2 minutes. Felt strong the whole way. Mile 1 - 5:50, Mile 2 - 6:00, Mile 3 - 5:40 with too much left in the tank.

Learning Experiences - Time to look into a Swim Coach. I'm not bad compared to the field, but to be elite age group I'll need to get someone on me. Technique needs to be cleaned up.

Secondly, My emphasis still must remain on the Bike. I've seen progress and I am getting stronger, but it doesn't happen overnight. The more I can get out and ride with others and increase my interval paces the better off I'll be. It's mostly muscle memory since I have only been on a Bike for close to two years.

600m Swim Exit - 30th overall out of the water

Bike Transition - 33rd overall Bike Split

Run finish - 1st overall Run Split (17:50)

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