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Ironman Recap: Muncie Funcie

Who would have thought, Muncie Indiana? Can you even imagine taking a full out trip to go to Muncie? At least seventy-five percent of you probably haven't even heard of the small town. Muncie is home of the Ball State Cardinals, a small division one school where my girlfriend happened to play division one soccer. Pretty cool. They're known for their studies in exercise science, architecture and also being straight up Funcie. I'd have to agree because this was one of those races where my game plan was absolutely performed to perfection. What's not Funcie about that?

What I've learned racing Ironman distance is that the two most important things come down to pacing and nutrition. How fast are you going to be able to go without combusting and what is your gut going to be able to handle? This past weekend's race can be rated at a 10 out 10 because the pacing and the nutrition was right in line with the game plan. My swim and bike times actually ended up being faster than predicted so no complaints there. CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance training are considered evidence based fitness so check out the progression from about a year and half ago. Yes, I did not race 70.3 in 2012, but a 25minute PR over 1.5 years isn't too bad...

Swim - 37:10 
Bike - 2:48:06
Run - 1:44:47
Total - 5:12:20

Swim - 33:50
Bike - 2:38:38
Run - 1:30:49
Total - 4:47:17

The terrains were quite different for both courses, but not to where this isn't a huge jump. One thing continues to stick out is that I've got to get on the bike. It's going to take at least a 2:20 bike split to get closer to my goal of getting to the Kona Ironman one day. At this point in my triathlon career there is only one things that now stands out and that's patience.

When you start CrossFit or any sport for that matter you lack patience. It's typically lacking in slowly learning the technique and comes with a side of wanting to always bit off more than you can chew. The challenge here is it's not your fault. Competitors struggle with patience. Anyone who wants to make something of themselves will have difficulty with this one. Those who are goal setters or people driven by a sense of accomplishment are inherently impatient. This sticks out more than ever in my own training because I know its going to take time. Not only a refocus on training, but just time. Time is scary. It means you have to wait or there is a deadline.  Both are outcomes we rarely like to have out in front. It's very difficult to be patient when time is involved. Make sense?

I think the message here today is that patience is a skill. One which we have to continue to refine, refocus, and revamp. This isn't just about your training, but has to do with learning patience in your every day life. With your spouse or loved ones, how about in your career or certain annoying household tasks? Patience runs full circle with everything that we do. Take a step back this week and understand that everything happens in due time. Be okay with it. Don't press the issue or force a result. Put the time in. Do the planning. Understand you'll get frustrated along the way, but that's what makes achieving a goal so sweet.

Recap: IRONMAN Muncie 70.3
Date: July 13th, 2012
Place: 100th/1600 Overall, 11th Age Group
Distance: 1.2mi/56mi/13.1mi
Times: above

BEST Race Highlight 
Not being past on the run. Two instances on the run portion were straight up awesome. In most of my Ironman events, I have been completely out there on my own finishing the finally leg. Typically no one around the same pace. Mentally its great to have someone there. Anyways, I went off the bike hard (as usual) and caught ground with a fellow age group athlete. We ran for about the first 4miles together and then he had to fall back due to the pace I was pressing. My goal was to stay below 7min/miles the entire half marathon portion. I then caught up to a bunch of other athletes and one dude asked "What pace you trying to run?" I quickly blurted out the 7min average and he was like "Can I hang with you?" I was like heck yeah. He did quite well and hung with me for about 2miles (9 and 10 to be exact). It feels good not to be passed, but its also nice to help push a few fellow athletes along. Mentally we're all out there for the same reason anyways. All and all, felt good on the run. I think you sometimes get in your head and expect your pace to drop off, but no sir not this time with the solid pacing and nutrition plan.

SIDE Race Highlight 
- I wouldn't have even been up in Muncie if it wasn't for one of my past clients Kevin. This is a guy who successfully lost 80 +lbs. and was now taking on a half ironman! Although, Kevin didn't finish the run portion having to stop after 4miles he finished the swim and bike. He'll admittedly tell you that he wasn't prepared for the race and work stood in the way of his training. I fully believe he'll only be stronger the next go around. We learn every day training/racing and that's the coolest part. Kevin did an incredible job out there taking on that challenge. The next time he'll finish strong no questions asked. I'm thinking he may even enlist a coach? :)) Kevin's an incredible guy someone who I'd tell anything to. I totally believe patience is something he learned up in Muncie. It's something we all have to learn. You're on your way to being an Ironman buddy.

WORST Race Highlight 
- Not applicable. Spent the race with an incredible girl. Step up to the start line with a really good client/friend and had an absolute blast leading up to the race, in race, and post race up in Indianapolis with Lindsay's friends. I'm super grateful for this experience.

Charleston Sprint Triathlon next Sunday. Stay tuned! 

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