Monday, August 8, 2011

Fountain of Inspiration

Inspiration. Is it the elite basketball player who scores 25 points a game? Is it the goalie who made the final winning save to win a Stanley cup? Or is it the soccer Mom that juggles taking 3 kids to their practice, gets dinner on the table every night and takes care of her sick Mother-In-Law?

The thing is Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. Its not something you that you say to yourself one day "Oh I'm going to get inspired because of that!" In all honesty, it can only come with time. Come with a connection and that sudden greater power that clicks inside each of us. A big fact of the matter is that we fail to see the inspiration that's right in front of us.

Unexpectedly, Today was a reminder of my true inspiration. For all of you guessing at home, It wasn't the likes of elite marathoner Ryan Hall or even Pro Triathlete Chris McCormick, but my inspiration are the Guests of Hilton Head Health. I can't lose sight of this fact. Waking up and having the opportunity to affect others lives is a privilege and it takes the right person. I know I am that person because every day I have been at H3 I haven't had a bad day. I can't chalk any day up in that category. In my eyes, People who motivate and commit themselves to a new way of life are the biggest inspiration of all. Seeing someone give up their fears and dedicate themselves to their most precious asset is gratifying. In my mind running a marathon is straightforward; however changing what you know, paving a new path and starting over is a whole other ballgame. Its these people that inspire me.

Knowing what inspires provides you the opportunity to be successful in whatever you put your mind to. If you can link that to any event or situation that comes up it all begins to feel like a breeze. Not a race goes by where I think to myself, "I know they are going to ask me how I did ... I have to push harder for them." Like this weekend at the Paris Mountain Triathlon, I was thinking "Man, I have to get up this mountain, 7mph just isn't going to cut it! (Lyle and Laura would be killing this!" Many would say I serve as an inspiration for them because of my unwavering training and dedication to my sport, but the truth is ... it goes both ways.

I wouldn't be where I am today without a solid foundation of inspiration. I'm convinced that finding your inspiration is one thing, but having a fountain of it flowing every day you wake up can really take your game to a whole new level. What about having it as your job? I'm speachless.

On a closing note, You never know who you'll effect each day ... Keep inspiring me and I will keep inspiring you. I am with one word ... grateful.

Cremator 50 mile relay experience coming soon!!!!

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