Thursday, August 18, 2011


Ever complete a 16 hour haul music less? This was a new experience ... road tripping without music ... really? My car battery died about a month ago and I've just been too slammed (or lazy) to take it in and get it fixed so a ghetto boom box with D batteries is what I am working with for time being. Long story short 16 hours provided perspective...

For the first time in many many road trips from Clemson to MA and now Hilton Head to MA it felt different than simply a grueling 16+ hours stuck in the car. My Dad happened to fly down to the Island and we made the trek back together. All I could think about during this journey to the 70.3 series (this Sunday) was how grateful I am. To be where I am at in my life and to have the people around me this ride gave me a chance to really think about it and above all appreciate it.
Right off the bat, I was thankful to have my Dad in the shotgun. I drove the first 6 hour leg and as he rested/napped knowing he'd be taking the graveyard shift, I just smiled as I looked over. My Dad and Mom have been a huge impact on who I am today. Throughout my life they have supported me and above all given me space. Space to grow, space to be my own person, and space to do what truly makes me happy. I owe much of my success to the many "spaces" they gave me.

As I drove more and more and across the North Carolina, I thought about my H3 family. Adam my boss and close friend happened to send a company wide email right before I
peaced out to let everyone know that I would be contending this weekend in my first 70.3 Triathlon. Amber sent me a follow up email that said “Luck is what you have left over after you give 100 percent”!!!! Thus, you already plenty of “LUCK” b/c you give over 100%!!! If I don’t need to wish you luck, I will wish you much positive energy! Manifest it! Use it to “GO TEAR IT UP" Its people like these two and all the staff of H3 that make these events for me so special. I know that each and everyone of them is excited on my behalf ... Dot, Allison, Katie, Kelly, Amy, Bob, Beth and the rest of whole gang really make thoughtful connections before I go on Vacation and headed into races. My vacations always involve a race, but hey they are always stoked for me!!

Not only did I think about my fellow staff, but of course many of the guests of Hilton Head Health. Probably my biggest supports and as I've said in recent posts providers of so much inspiration. Lyle Orr came to mind immediately last night because he broke 45 minutes on his 5K time trial!! Kelly Bunn then came up because she is doing her first Triathlon the same day this weekend!! Of course Mark Evans because he's gearing up for another season of half marathons and his first full!! Oh yeah and Andrea Mac who did her first Beach Bum flabbergasted by her accomplishment ... and Magliochetti whose been crushing sprint triathlons since Charleston and wait what about Stacia, Jill, Wanda, Chemain and of course Debbie whose doing her first Basra Swim on Saturday (a 1 mile swim in the Bahamas). As you can see so many people came to mind and the coolest part is even though I began as their biggest supporters (and still am to life's end) they are the exact same for me. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to affect these individuals lives and so pumped to see their accomplishments flourish in the future.

My Dad took over for the graveyard shift, but once again I began driving around 4am yesterday morning and had to complete thinking about all the key people in my life. Getting closer to home, I thought about my high school friends (many of my very best), Bknapp and Sandy who I left back in HHI, the college crew, my CrossFit Coaches Craig and Heath and how could I forget my grandmother and rest of the family. As these names and images of people continued to come up all I could think about is how Lucky I am. Grateful. More Privileged is probably the best word. To have these people around me, To have this opportunity to compete with hundreds of supporters behind me. Its a blessing.

All I can say to wrap this post up is that the people in my life are amazing. Racing difficult courses, pushing yourself to the very limits will no doubt make you physically tough, but as I mentioned to Coach Craig before leaving ... "I am the most mentally prepared "F**K" (excuse my language) out there on Sunday." With the tools I've learned from marathons, CFHH Wods, the Cremator Ultra haha and NUMBER ONE the people I have behind me. I don't think anyone is more prepared than me to tackle the Timberman Ironman on Sunday August 21st 2011 7:10 AM Wave Start Eastern time.

To all of you out there who make my life so special thank you. Know that every race I get to compete at is an accumulation of your support, excitement, and love.
Oh and 16 hours without music pretty enlightening haha go for it!!!

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