Sunday, September 16, 2012

Training with Integrity

I always question what separates people from one another, how are we different? I've come to the conclusion that it has a lot to do with Integrity. As a coach you can quickly pick up on the athlete's who have it and this is one of the factors that makes CrossFit Hilton Head a special place. We don't have athletes who fail to hit their range of motion on purpose, and we certainly don't have athletes counting repetitions that they miss. Id go as far to say that people train the same way they lead their lives.

I just started a new cycle of training strictly CrossFit Endurance Strength and Conditioning. In past training cycles, I've utilized the regular CrossFit classes programmed by CFHH so this time around I've decided to see if following the CFE strength and conditioning makes a difference. It's exciting, but I know it's going to take a lot of integrity on my part. Where I'm headed here is that there are many attributes about an athlete who trains with integrity. No just calling out your misses, but training with integrity means...

1) Never having a "One way or the Highway" mentality 
- There is a wealth of information and resources out there. No one protocol is always the only way. 
2) Being willing to test and refine
- Be pen to new training protocols and taking time off. Look back at the training journals thats what they're there for. 
3) Knowing when to go back to the TECHNIQUE 
- I've been experiencing injuries that shouldn't be happening, Big five crap (knee tendonitis, foot inflammation) that is clearly a deviation from the technique standard and/or my strength.
4) Knowing how to sacrifice one area of your fitness for awhile to get stronger in the other 
-  I constantly want to work on the conditioning when CLEARLY, I need to get stronger. Endurance athletes forget that strength and power will lead to speed and endurance. It's easier to type this than convince myself to dial in on the strength. (this is a big one for me).

5) Waking up when others are sleeping
- Are you willing to get up early and put in the extra time? How good do you really want to be? What are you willing to do to get there? No one decides this one, but you.
6) Rooting on the athlete next to you 
- Whether its the guy who constantly kicks your ass on the 400m repeats or the dude that hasn't quite got his kipping pull-up going, you cheerlead all the same...
7) Planning, preparing and proceeding
- Integrity isn't given its planned daily. Looking at your training journal, what can I tweak? What's my week look like?  What do I need to do to make these workouts possible?
8) Remaining fearless and managing elements
- Training and life is about believing. I have no patience for the person who doubts constantly doubts themselves. We all exhibit moments of self-doubt, but having integrity also means you believe. You trust that your capable. At the simplest you see the good in things, you see life's potential...

That's integrity...

Less Miles, More CrossFit TEAM NEWS

Saturday Skill Work 

This week I was seeing a few of our athletes get into too much of hip-flexor, knee raise action on a few of the drills so decided to show the glaring difference between an improper pull phase (hip-flexor and quads) and the correct lifting of the foot (hamstrings). We've got to start utilizing those hamstrings for long term success gang!

Last Week's Endurance WODs

Tuesday 9/11 - Run: 4 x 800m; hold splits within 3-5 seconds; rest 2 min
Thursday 9/13 - Run: 8 x 300m, rest 2min, hold splits 2-3 secs 
Saturday 9/15 - Run: 10mile TT 

Team is progressing nicely. Had the opportunity to bike the 10mile TT with the athletes this week and they all stayed pretty strong and consistent. Mentally the 10miles didn't seem to phase anyone. We've got a handful of athletes ahead of their previous TT paces therefore I have no doubt Savannah Rock N Roll A race will provide some new PRs. 

We've got the 3rd Annual Devin's Dash coming up next weekend get psyched. For those who have never heard of it, CFHH completes a WOD in Memory of Gregory "Devin" Sheaffer within a local 5K race called Devin's Dash. Workout goes a little like this: 

For time: 50 Push Ups - 1mile Run - 50 Pistols - 1mile run 50 - Burpees - 1mile run 

Your warm up is below!

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