Sunday, July 15, 2012

Passion's Powerful

Good ideas grow. Life's transitions create change. Passion does both.

I recently got back from vacationing up in Salem, Massachusetts and what a week it was. I had the opportunity to do so much. I shared in my bros bachelor party in Boston, hung out at my parents lake house in New Hampshire, Ran in a 4th of July 5miler, visited with Hometown Friends in Maine, and to top it all off I experienced one of the most important day's in my Bro's life, his wedding.

The week was incredible. To see my brother Steve drop tears before his wife even walked in the door was priceless. Speaking on his behalf and giving the Best Man's toast was an honor. The entire week got me thinking. What's stronger than a good idea? A life transition? I think it's passion.

Using Steve as an example, getting married is a huge life transition and obviously it created a change, but crying before the girl you're about to marry walks into the ballroom? That's passion. I starred at him that day and will never forget the moment Danielle finally made it to the alter. His happiness was overpowering. I always new they were a good match (I mean 5+ yrs together its about time they got married), but seeing his eyes, face, and joy last Friday gave me the chills.

To put a CrossFit Endurance spin on passion. Look at the coaches. Look at Doug Katona or Brian Mackenzie. Do they seem interested? Hell yeah. How about when Max Wunderele gives a lecture? Can you hear it? Every time. These guys know what they're doing, they believe in what they represent, it's a part of them. They are passionate.

This is something to remember within your life, but also in training:
1) There should be a reason for every workout. Improve Stamina? Speed? Nutrition check? Clear the head? Whatever it is be aware of why you're doing that particular workout.
2) Your targets should be realistic. Evidence base your race goals. Make sure your goals are inline with  your Time Trial/Tempo efforts performed.
3) Mental strength beats muscular strength in every competition. Learning to handle suffering better than the guy next to you takes passion.
4) Taking the focus to your technique. If you don't dial in your passion. I mean put it in the right places then you aren't using it to it's full capacity.
5) What you do off the training grounds dictates desire. When you really believe in something. When you are really dialed into a race goal. What you do when your not training changes.

I've noticed my passion continues to run deeper and deeper into my training, coaching and life. Now roughly 5 weeks out from Ironman, I can literally feel it in every workout, class taught and moment. I think what I am most grateful about is that I fully believe other people see it. I don't think it's because I am a person who can't keep his mouth shut, but I think it's because I've got a lot of it and I wear it on my sleeve. So much so that ideas have grown, life transitions have certainly created change ... :)

 Recent Race Reviews: 

Jennifer Tinney Memorial 5K, 21st Annual 
Boxford, MA 
Time: 29:39
Place: 2nd Overall
Pace: 5:56
#1 Race Experience - sharing the day with my Dad and Mom. It's not often enough that I get to spend time with these two amazing people. I am even more thrilled to see my Dad running and soon to be calling himself a triathlete. He's signed up for his first Triathlon in August!! Passion rubbing off? Possibly.

Beach Bum Triathlon #1
Hilton Head Island, SC 
Time: 49:02
Place: 2nd Overall
#1 Best Race Experience - Running the last 3miles with Tala! H3 guests continue to amaze me with their passion for pushing their limits. This girl Tala is incredible. Dealing with quite a severe Illness that causes dizziness, light head, and potential blackouts didn't stop her. She showed up on Saturday excited and became a triathlete!!
#2 Best Race Experience - EVERY, YES EVERY CrossFit Hilton Head Athlete who entered the Beach Bum placed in the top ten under 39 age group or over 40 age group. Incredible?! Fluke? Less Miles??
Learning Experience - pick it up on the run or a guy racing a beach cruiser will catch you an take the course record from you with 1.5miles to go!

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  1. Ahhh the Beach Bum was awesome! Thanks for doing the run with me, it really made all the difference in the world.