Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Living and Competing: Is it the Same?

This weekend was an off one from the races. Weird I know?! I'm attempting to hold myself to the standard of one race every other weekend, but the need to compete gets difficult at times. I think it's something innate inside me. I seem to live by the quote: "When the gun goes off everything changes..the world changes...and nothing else matters." Competing allows you space. It seems to give me that something I can't get out of every day life and honestly its quite addicting.

Although this weekend was considered "Off" I think I forget that I get the opportunity to compete every single day at CFHH. Saturday's Hero WOD was no different. Fittingly enough it was Memorial day weekend so I had the opportunity to participate in a little workout known as Murph. For those who don't know the workout it's goes a little like this:

1 Mile Run
100 Pull-Ups
200 Push-Ups
300 Squats
1 Mile Run 
*Wear a 20# vest or body armor if you have it
PR - 33:06 (vest <)
Somewhat tougher than any Endurance event, you think?

What's great about CrossFit is there's always a lot of meaning behind named workouts. The workouts are constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensities; however there is always a PURPOSE to every workout. I think this is the number one difference you'll see with athletes who don't train CF/CFE style is that not all their workouts have a meaning. Heard of the recovery run? Interesting concept ha

Let's compare the two styles from a runners perspective:
Typical Endurance Athlete
- MEASUREMENT of a good week: the number of miles completed
- INTERVAL Sessions:1-2 if any?
- TIME SPENT: anywhere from 4-8 hours, skill practice non-existent, warm up? Maybe? 
CrossFit Endurance Athlete 
- MEASUREMENT of a good week: held all splits within 1-3sec or new PR
- INTERVAL Session: 1 short, 1 long
- TIME SPENT: 2-3 hrs max w/skill practice+warm ups, time of actual running 30-90minutes
*Let's not forget they are CrossFitting 4-6 WODs per week that are all different

Now back to Murph. I don't think there couldn't be more of a purpose behind this past weekend's workout ... insights below...
The Hero WOD is performed in memory of Lt. Mike Murphy who was killed in action during Operation Red Wings . He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions there.Operation Red Wings is widely considered one of the heaviest losses of life the Navy SEALs have ever suffered in one action.(The other would happen just a few years later…) Some of Murph’s SEAL teammates were caught talking about yesterday’s workout and one of them addressed the group. He was addressing a group of elite CrossFitters (men and women you will see at the CF Games this year). He said, rather intensely, that this wasn’t a “Hero WOD” to Mike. This wasn’t “intense”. This wasn’t “epic”. This was “Wednesday”. Puts it in perspective eh?

I think the point I want to make in this blog today is that we need to remind ourselves of why were competing, moreover why we are living. Guys like Murph put their lives on the line so we can answer this question. Without protection from our service men and women, we wouldn't even have the time or opportunity to find an answer to this question. I think that when people connect with the WHY behind their living ... their behaviors ... their benefits... the closer they get to their best selves.

So why do I compete? I think it's got a lot to do with the same reasons I live. Competing for me opens up a unique environment where I can see what I am made of. I think the best part about it is that I think about all sorts of crazy stuff, but being in that zone allows me to really uncover the important things in life. What's interesting is most of the time friends and family cross my mind. I have Ironman coming up in 14 weeks and you know what excites me the most? Is that many of my friends and family will be there supporting me in 100degree weather for literally 91/2 hours(that's if I am on target.) "No matter what you achieve in life somebody has helped you." 

Anyways, Competition is where I thrive (My Coach Craig knows this, probably almost to the point where I get annoying before races haha),. The beauty of life though is that everyone's different... it's your turn now, take this topic and answer the critical questions ... Why do you compete? Could it be inline with the same reason you live?

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