Wednesday, July 27, 2011

LSD vs CFE: Evidence

Yesterday evening, I taught a running technique seminar with CFHH Coach Heath Babb and on my ride home I thought to myself ... Man things are incredibly different in the realm of training for me this summer. Its unreal where life takes you and how your mindset changes especially when it comes to training for races. You have to constantly be growing as an athlete to continue to find success. Success is really becoming everything you set out to be. That's how I mark it. Enough said.

For me, Less is now more and I am finally starting to wrap my mind around the fact that RECOVERY is one of the biggest parts of training. Last summer, I started at CFHH and I attempt to run in the morning say 6 miles minimum and then go in every evening and hit an intense WOD. The fact is my body began to break down by training in this fashion. I would hit a long 20 miler Saturday morning and then attempt the WOD at noon ... am I for real? Yes I trained like this, but I wasn't seeing the results in my running times and I felt like my legs were dead wood every single day rolling out of bed. Sluggish was the adjective. Eyes glazed over rolling into the CFIT WODs at night (Heath and Craig Remember)

In my fall marathon (New Hampshire), I actually ended up 7 weeks out injured and went into the race not having run more than an 8 miler leading up and only CrossFitting (3-4days per week). I finished the race in 3 hrs 3 minutes about a 2 minute PR so not wonderful, but I think the only reason I could have even put up a decent time was because I continued with the CrossFit. It kept me strong Cardio-wise and sort of opened my eyes that hey maybe I don't have to do this much. Maybe I don't have to log 18 plus mile runs each week? Maybe I don't have to build up to 50 mile weeks of running? To tell you the truth that injury was a stepping stone in changing my perspective. It was a message.

Shortly after the running technique class last night, I spoke with Ryan Stefonick, local triathlete and friend about making the switch to CrossFit Endurance training versus LSD. My perspective now is that working on the skills behind the sport and training at higher intensities is the way to go. I am less sluggish and putting up a higher power output. Ryan and his wife Maggie are looking to qualify for the Boston Marathon and they can def get their based off their previous finishes. I told Ryan trust it and he was def in agreement. The only way to get faster is to train faster ... makes sense right? If we constantly just go out in run and don't push ourselves to the limit how can your body be ready on race day to go quicker? How can it hold the race pace needed to get to Boston or better yet stay with the tops dogs?

The toughest thing to do at times is to have trust in the unknown. It takes a big leap of faith to do it differently than the rest of the pack, but its also when we receive the biggest payoffs. Since making the switch to only training CrossFit Endurance and CrossFit. I have seen huge improvements in my race times. I am already an established Triathlete after merely three races, placing on the podium, seeing PRs and even winning my 1st Beach Bum. What's good is I can still lift weights and do all these are cool crazy things like hand stand push ups.

A big impact over this year has come from my coaches at CFHH. My coaches are my biggest supporters and when I do listen to them it always pays off (I'm about to go eat again right now because Craig would want me too). Another name to mention here is Brian Mackenzie (CFE creator) who says: when it comes to nutrition, training or anything "Just try it and get back to me ... see what you think" BMack is all about results and evidence behind those results. He doesn't waist his time with anything else. I made the leap in this 2011 season and here's the results CFE vs LSD this is no joke and proof behind the training!

2010 LSD Training
Best Times:
5K - 17:05
10K - 36:06
Half Marathon - 1:26:40
Marathon - 3:03:18

2011 CFE Training ONLY
Best Times:
5K - 16:44 (20 Sec PR!!)
10K - 36:11 (Same)
Half Marathon - 1:18:42 (8 minute PR!)
Marathon - 2:49:50 (14 minute PR!)
Savannah Sprint Tri - 59:46
Beach Bum - 48:46

So this is what I have seen so far, but certainly more to come if I taper off for these races (I mean its only been 7 months). A lot of the time I use races as training runs. For instance, when training for a marathon the longest run I completed is a half marathon. A hard 85 - 95% effort half marathon though!! How can you not see the evidence behind a 14 minute PR?? Absolutely wild and fills me with excitement. The fact is I completed that race with horrible TECHNIQUE which is everything. Over the last 6 months, I have focused on the high intensity and now I am including more skills and drills, especially with the running. I have gotten rid of my heal strike and can't wait to see improvements in a few upcoming races.

That's the post for today kids. Should get you a little more interested in this type of training. More to come...Can't wait to fill you in on he Cremator results!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lets Get It Started

Once you start reading blogs from the likes of the orracle and wolly mammoth runner it will inspire you to get one started.

I'm really excited where I am at in my life. Privelidged to tell you the truth. I only graduated from Clemson University a year ago, but I feel I have found my spot in the world. 3 Days after graduation I was fortunate enough to land back at Hilton Head Health. A dream job immediately after receiving the Diploma. I've been blessed with the opportunity to help others change their lifestyles and get back their biggest asset ... health.

At H3, I personal train, teach fitness classes, and run the H3@Home Wellness Coaching Program. The coaching is my main focus. It is our newest program and something I enjoy to the max! I go from working with someone on lifestyles at our facility and then we take it back to the real world. Wild?! I wouldn't trade the relationships I've developed for anything.

Anyways, that's what I do and it's surely not a job. It's a passion. One as connected to me as running marathons and now recently competing in Triathlons. What's unreal is that I never knew I had a pure talent? In High School, I did the team thing. Golf, Hockey, and Baseball ... where were the endurance sports? Man, I'm pumped to have found them.

In 2009, I ran the Bluffton Oyster 5K and came in 2nd overall with a time of 18:03. Was this good? I had no idea at the time, but shortly after an endurance athlete had emerged. I began entering local races and worked my way up to the Marathon. I can't even count how many races, I've done now, but close to 50 already! Finishing these races are unreal. Feelings you can't recreate in any other environment. The sense of accomplishment whether you win or lose is legit. From the back of the pack to the front its the best thing in the world.

What's even better is getting someone to an event like this and encouraging them to cross the finish line when they think there is no way in the world. Sometimes all someone needs is a little encouragement and confidence. I have a blog post in the works that will blow your mind on how powerful a simple smile and a few words can get someone to do something they never imagined. Stay tuned!

Anyways, let me introduce you to the focus of this blog. We're going to focus on the my races experiences (Every weekened haha), H3 guest race experiences (the best stories out there), and training smarter, not longer (CrossFit Endurance). My training made a drastic switch a year ago when I was introduced to CrossFit and it changed my life! Now I'll only run a single 15 mile long run before a marathon and I typically run less than 3 times a week. CrossFit has given me the confidence that I can still PR every time. Think higher intensity, less long slow duration.

Mentally I feel I can compete with anyone now, but the biggest thing that you'll get from CrossFit is PERSPECTIVE. Perspective on who you are. Who you truly want to be and above all ... Who you can be. The toughest thing you'll do all day is a CrossFit workout and everything after that is just child's play. "Murph" makes marathons easy. Enough Said.(CrossFit athletes know what I am talking about)

We learn a lot about ourselves through Endurance Events. Any athlete will tell you that. This blog connects My Race Experiences to LIFE.

"The challenge of a significant physical journey on foot unleashes some primitive connections to our identity as human beings." -Jeff Galloway